• Emily Reo


    La voici, elle et sa voix magnétique. On entrevoit un monument de candeur dans ce chant ample et limpide. Il y aussi les fêlures, douces, sombres et énigmatiques.




    Emily Reo est un univers de poésie innocente où se cambrent les peurs, l'enfance, le rire et l'espoir. Sa cinémathèque est une adorable muraille où serpentent de délicieuses émotions. Bon voyage.





    Le cinéma d'Emily Reo.



    1. fantasia

    fantasia is my favorite movie of all time. thank you disney for inventing the music video, but way better. thank you to all of my friends who have watched fantasia with me at some point. one day i want to watch fantasia with the entire world at once while it's projected onto our ozone layer.




    2. the manchurian candidate (1962)

    although i'm attracted to many darker and older films, the original manchurian candidate is one in particular that's stuck in my head. it was first introduced to me through an amazing electronic music class i took in high school in honor of the composer, david amram, making a visit. something about the combination of politics, deception and the subconscious in a such a slow and creeping film haunts and intrigues me every time i put it on. plus, it's got sinatra. bam.




    3. escape to witch mountain (spoiler alert!)

    because i couldn't possibly leave it off. i finished my witch mtn ep three months before finishing the last 20 minutes of the movie, which may have been dangerous in retrospect. i could have hated the ending, but when i saw those two little cuties hop into their spaceship and fly away...just, like, no regrets.





    4. Star Wars

    here's where i would include all of the reasons i love star wars but i'll save the nerd talk and close this out with one last vid instead.





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