• La cinémathèque d'Anthony Reynolds

    J'essayais d'aimer une fille aux cheveux châtains puant l'automne. Je trainais dans la bibliothèque municipale - Stefan George, Rilke, Fante, Pasolini. J'écoutais Jack. Le ciel avait de drôles d'embrasures. Un rose et un bleu mystiques. J'allais encore, avec mes parents, fleurir les tombes. Novembre était bouffé de soleil, de reflets roux, le marbre illuminé venait me cracher à la figure. Je confondais l'amour et la mort comme tous les adolescents.

    Jack - c'est les premières nuits de confessions, d'alcool. D'amour. Je faisais crépiter le tabac blond... deux amants se fondaient l'un et l'autre Place des Cardeurs. J'invectivais l'avenir. Anthony Reynolds a toujours cru en la vocation - il a bien raison. Il est balancé pour l'excellence, la beauté et la tragédie. Un hussard romantique, un jeune homme sentimental aux mains remplies de guêpes. Ces chansons sont de belles intensités, des rivières salées de larmes et de souvenirs. Belles comme un adolescent réflétant l'amour et la mort.

    La cinémathèque d'Anthony Reynolds

    1. Providence. Alain Resnais.

    Of course, you sometimes associate a film very strongly with the time in your life you first saw it. I first saw this movie on my laptop in a horrible flat in 2010 at a time when Dirk Bogarde became something of a patron saint to me. I was going through a difficult period romantically and in some way that I still can't explain, this film spoke to me of that. Its a strange film in that it is, I think, authentically Poetic and dream like. Much of it takes place in the Writer's imagination (played by Geilgud) and its the best representation of the writer's thought process Ive ever seen on screen. The sets are intruiging and Dirk is delicious - arch, Affected and suprememly stylised and beautifully dressed by YSL. I'll go on re watching this movie for the rest of my life. Its raised an answer that I need to find the question for.

    2. Take The Money And Run. Woody Allen.


    My introduction to Woody allen was via the BBC late film, when as a child I would scour the channells late at night on my tiny B&W portable TV in much the same way as generations before me did with radios. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw this film ; it was so smart and funny and comical and odd that I remember thinking 'The world can't be that bad if people make films like this'. It still makes me laugh and I watch it every year on my birthday.


    3.Le Testament D'Orphée. Jean Cocteau.

    I probably love Cocteau for all the reasons some people dislike him - his flightiness, his 'dabbling', his femininity, his lightness, his self interest...he makes me happy and is a companion to me in my life. This is my favourite film of his. You can tell he dealing with his coming death in it and the imagery are highlited by this context of sadness..its like he's grieving for his real death in advance..the scene where he walks out of the garage door into the night and a dog barks in the distance...this really moves me for some reason...



    Merci Anthony.

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