• Porcelain Raft

    Le cinéma nous rend à la réalité et au rêve. C'est un domaine étrange, une mythologie que chacun d'entre nous élabore, consulte tout au long de sa vie.

    Le génie représentatif de Porcelain Raft m'a tout de suite embarqué. Un voyage mystique, décalé et renversant.

    Mauro Remiddi nous fait donc rentrer dans sa cinémathèque. On y croise Cassavetes, la nuit, d'insondables présences féminines.

    Une troublante odyssée en compagnie d'un artiste passionnant et passionné.




    Le cinéma de Porcelain Raft.


    I. Tarvkosky

     " Even if my mood can change very quickly, sometimes, according to the weather, there are things that never really change 'cause they belong to the 'abyss' not to the surface.
    I think some movies don't belong to the day light, which is generally when we are awake.
    Some movies talk to us when we are asleep.
    'Mirror' by Tarvkosky is one them... "



    II. Cassavetes


     " Another movie I watched ten times and maybe more is 'Opening night' by Cassavetes
    The struggle to accept we are growing old, a talented actress through painful moments realises that age is a truth and a basic truth like that somehow is an expression of beauty.
    And often beauty leave us speechless. "


    III. Lynch


     " An obvious choice for me is 'Mulholland Drive' by David Lynch.
    The two girls enter in the theatre, it's night time, the presenter speaks in Spanish and says something that roughly means 'no music is playing'.
    A singer enters, her voice is beautiful...she sung 'Crying' by Roy Orbison in Spanish.
    The two girls watch the performance and can't stop crying...
    The singer faints but her voice keep going...as if it was a playback.
    We knew since the beginning of the scene that it could have been playback (the presenter warned us).
    Still slowly we get into the fiction of it and our emotions start to relate to what we ear, it doesn't matter if we know that's a fake.
    We can't help to connect with it.
    I think it's pure genius. "



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